Aguinaga Green Seed Topper is derived from locally harvested clean green material.  The material is composted to U.S. Composting Council protocol, and then screened to 1/4 inch. After planting grass seed, use Seed Topper both to keep the seeds protected from birds as well as to keep the seeds moist so that they germinate.  Apply 1/4 inch deep.  Available at all three locations. 


Aguinaga Green Athletic Field Mix is a high end top dressing designed for maintenance and preparation of sports fields in our local communities. Aguinaga Athletic Field Mix can also be used for residential purposes supporting healthy robust turf performance.  Ingredients include: seed topper, humus, gypsum, and sand.  This combination of ingredients provide turf nourishment and root development as well as for reparation of compacted and poorly draining soil.  Special order only.  

The use of both Seed Topper and Athletic Field Mix is substantially enhanced by core aeration of the turf.  Core aeration relieves compaction in the turf and allows deeper oxygen exchange throughout the soil and surrounding plant root zone.  

Many landscapers offer turf aeration as a service.  Turf aerators can be rented at your local home improvement store.  


Aguinaga Green Hydro-Mix is a fully composted, weed-seed free, specialty product specifically formulated for the hydroseeding industry. Hydroseeding is utilized for slope stabilization, erosion control, and for fertilization and re-vegetation on slopes where planting is difficult or inaccessible.  Aguinaga Green Hydro-Mix contains every item needed for a complete hydroseeding product and particle size is monitored to assure hydroseeding equipment performs without clogging.  Aguinaga Green Hydro-Mix is blended to assure enough moisture retention to allow seed germination and robust root development, while maintaining sufficient density for seed protection from environmental impacts such as wind and birds.  Ingredients include: Aguinaga Green Seed Topper, Aguinaga Green Humus, gypsum, PAM (a material binder) and a pre-plant nutrient package.   Contact us for application rates and custom blends.  Special order only. 


Top Dressing - apply thinly to the surface layer of lawn or soil for seeding