ORGANICS COCO-COIR CONTAINER MIX - available at Orange location only. 

Aguinaga Green Organics Coco-Coir Container mix is used indoors or outdoors for window or patio containers and can also be used for        container-grown herbs or vegetables. Ingredients include a combination of nitrolized fir, coco coir, sandy loam, CDFA certified compost, pumice, and organics fertilizers. We recommend purchasing a moisture meter to prevent over and under watering! 

TRADITIONAL CONTAINER MIX - available at Irvine location only. 
Aguinaga's traditional container mix is a lightweight and fine-textured material containing combinations of pearlite, peat moss, nitrolized fir, and humus with a balanced and tested continuous release fertilizer compliment for robust growth.  

ORGANICS PLANTING MIX - available at Orange location only. 
Aguinaga Green Planting Mix is specially blended to complement plant growth and is used for flower bed color planting and shrubs.  Excavate planting area to 1.5 times the diameter of the root ball, locate plate in prepared area slightly above grade and firmly compress backfill planting mix material.  Ingredients include: nitrolized fir shavings, coco-coir, Aguinaga Forest Floor Humus, Pumice, and organics fertilizer.  Available at Orange location only. 

TRADITIONAL PLANTING MIX - available at Irvine location only. 
Aguinaga's traditional planting mix is design-tested with slow release NPK balance nutrient base for longer feeding.  This planting mix is used for general planting of small trees, flowering plants, shrubs and ground cover.  Excavate planting area to 1.5 times the diameter of the root ball, locate plate in prepared area slightly above grade and firmly compress backfill planting mix material.


Aguinaga Green Cactus, Palm and Citrus Mix is especially formulated for new and existing succulents, palms, and citrus trees requiring substantial drainage.  This mix is also used for Avocado and Citrus trees in raised beds.  Ingredients include: coarse sand, Class A topsoil, Aguinaga Forest Floor Humus, and pumice.  Available upon request. 


Aguinaga Green Special "D" Mix is an excellent planting medium for plants and flowers requiring a well drained growing medium.  Ingredients include: sand, fir bark humus, Aguinaga Forest Floor humus, and peat moss.  Available upon request. 


Aguinaga Green Overstructure Mixes can be formulated to nourish and grow nearly any sort of planting material where there lies a structural weight limitation.  These lightweight mixes provide soil nourishment and maximize drainage, and are designed with particular attention to the specific engineering requirements of the structure that supports them.  Ingredients may include a combination of pumice, sand, fir bark, and peat moss.  Special order blends available upon request.  Available upon request. 


Aguinaga Propagation Mix is especially tailored to augment the needs of seedlings and bare root growth, specifically addressing the fragile nature of seedling roots and root-growth system requirements.  Ingredients may include: Forest Floor Humus, pumice, peat moss, and nitrolized fir shavings.  Available upon request.


Planting Mixes - ready to plant specialty blends 



Custom Blending Available!