GPS 2 - general purpose soil amendment  

Aguinaga Green's GPS 2 is derived from composted, uncontaminated clean green shredded tree trimmings and plant material and is screened to a specified 5/8 inch minus particle size. GPS2 is a rich brown organic general purpose soil amendment used to cure the organic deficiency in our local soils.  Rototill to a minimum depth of six inches, or fold into soil manually as applicable.  Available at all three locations.  



GPS 1 - soil amendment for compacted and clay soil 

Aguinaga Green's GPS 1 is GPS 2 with the addition of gypsum.  Gypsum itself is a soil amendment which serves as a source of sulfur and as well, calcium, which can flocculate (bind) soil particles together in order to improve soil structure.  Rototill or hand fold into resident (existing) soil at a rate of 15-20%.  Available at all three locations.   SB 1383 COMPLIANT

Soil Amendments and Compost - till into your existing soil

REPLENISH COMPOST - amendment for vegetable gardens 

Aguinaga Green "Replenish Compost" is recommended for existing gardens (either in ground or container) that need to be refreshed and revitalized for the next crop.  Ingredients include Aguinaga locally sourced organics compost, and organics fertilizers.  Compost adds nutrients to the soil organically and provides soil with essential micronutrients.  Spread Aguinaga Replenish Compost on your soil and work it into the top layer for best results.  This product is an amendment.  Available upon request at our Orange location.

FOREST HUMUS - aged humus  

Forest Humus is organically rich and fully composted, stable, and aged compost.  Forest Humus can be tilled into existing soil or utilized along with other Aguinaga products in custom mixes where the stability of a humus material is required.  Available at all three locations.   SB 1383 COMPLIANT 


Our Coco-Coir is a renewable, non synthetic coconut by-product rich in potassium and micronutrients. Used as a soil conditioner it naturally guards against plant diseases and increases nutrient uptake, which results in explosive root and plant development. Our Coco-Coir also improves soil structure, helps prevents soil compaction, holds seven to eight times its weight in water, and provides improved drainage and aeration.     Available at Orange location.  


Nitrolized Fir Fines are derived from construction grade Douglas fir building remnants.  The fir fines are "nitrolized" to prevent nitrogen drag (the removal of plant-needed nitrogen by the wood.)  The particle size of this material is 3/8 inch.  Nitrolized Fir Fines improve soil structure, increase nutrient holding capacity of sandy soils, and improve water drainage.  Nitrolized Fir Fines are a stand-alone amendment but can also be used as a component in container mixes or soil-less potting mixes.  Available at all three locations.