"Clean Green" is the basis of our product line. 


Certified by the US Composting Council

Our composting process begins with grinding clean green materials to reduce the material size.  Next, the material is placed into long piles called windrows.  The composting process is carried out by a wide spectrum of microorganisms.  These natural microorganisms utilize oxygen and moisture to convert organic matter into compost, and in doing so, produce several byproducts including heat.  High temperatures achieved in controlled composting eliminate pathogenic organisms, weeds, and seeds which would otherwise be present to regenerate maverick growth. Temperatures are carefully monitored daily and the windrows (piles) are turned so that the material is aerated.  After this “cooking” period, the material is screened into different sizes to be used for multiple applications.  

Composting is the controlled decomposition of organic materials by microorganisms.  

Unlike many companies, Aguinaga DOES NOT use curbside waste, biosolids (sludge), grass, or herbacides. Biosolids are the byproduct of sewage treatment plants, also known as “sludge”. Poisonous chemicals can still be included in biosolids like PCBs, dioxin, brominated flame retardants and even pharmaceuticals and other household chemicals. Dumping biosolids in the ocean has been banned since 1992 - so what makes them acceptable for residential or commercial use? Unlike other landscape supply companies, 

NO BIOSOLIDS are included in any Aguinaga Green products.

Instead of sending all landscape materials (except for grass) to the landfill, companies or individuals can drop off their green materials at our facilities where it is composted to US Composting Council protocol.

No curbside, no biosolids, no grass.

As members of the US Composting Council’s Seal of Testing Assurance Program, our product samples are tested monthly in approved laboratories.  Customers are assured that the composted products we provide are of the highest quality.