A cost effective way to get instant results is by spreading out fresh ground cover in your yard.  Our ground covers are listed here.  Our most popular product is our Forest Floor Mulch®.  Bags are available for smaller projects and for larger products we can fill up your pickup truck or we offer deliveries with a minimum order of five cubic yards.  



Whether you're building your own raised boxes or starting small with a few pots or containers, we recommend our ORGANIC COCO COIR CONTAINER MIX for your home vegetable garden.     

Aguinaga Green Organic Coco-Coir Container mix is used indoors or outdoors for window or patio containers and can also be used for container-grown herbs or vegetables. Ingredients include a combination of nitrolized fir shavings, coco-coir, soil, Aguinaga compost, pumice, dry crumbles and worm castings.   Available at Orange location only. 

For small projects, we recommend purchasing our 1.5 cubic foot bags.  For larger projects, we have two options.  First, if you have a truck, you're welcome to buy the material in bulk and we will load it straight into the back of your truck.  Don't have a truck?  You can rent one at your local home improvement store for a small fee.  Need more than a small truckload?  We can deliver your container mix in bulk (minimum order of five cubic YARDS is required). 

Now selling raised garden beds! 2x4 feet and 32 inches tall.  Bed is made from cedar.  Legs are Douglas fir.  Comes with plastic liner and wheels to move around! Price for one box is $215 and includes the soil (coco-coir container mix).  Available at Orange location only. 


A sometimes overlooked aspect of planting or maintaining a lawn lies in not taking into account the nature of the soil the lawn is to be planted in.

There are three basic types of soil: (1) clay-laden - consisting mainly of very fine particles that retain water And have a tendency to stick together or ball-up if you try to squeeze a handful (2) sandy soil - made of much more grainy particles and that have a greater difficulty holding moisture, as it tends to percolate right through this material, and (3) loam - which is a combination of both sand and clay.

Once you have a sample of the soil in your planting area, it is wise to get a soil analysis which will tell you the pH (acidity or alkaline nature of the soil) and the amount of nitrogen, phosphorus and other organic material present - and - how far off the mark your soil is to an ideal composition and texture that will best promote growth.

Soil amendments are materials such as humus, coco-coir, shaved bark, and compost.  They must be added only as necessary dependent on the specifics and/or deficiencies of a given soil. They can result in improved aeration, drainage and root penetration, and a healthy microbial environment that will promote the growth and well being of your lawn.

Contact us for further information in planning your next lawn - or any other project requiring soil reparation.  A list of our top dressings can be found here and a list of our soil amendments can be found here.  

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