Since 1947, Aguinaga Green has been committed to manufacturing and delivering quality mulch, compost, topsoil and other products in the Orange County area.  

For over 70 years, we have furnished products to the landscape, turf, nursery, and agricultural industries.  Aguinaga Green has three convenient locations in Irvine, Orange, and Silverado.  All sites can accommodate small and bulk product sales and can also accept green materials.  

Aguinaga Green is the only producer of Forest Floor Mulch®, a registered product.  Forest Floor Mulch® is beneficial for soil and improves its ability to reduce evaporation, retain moisture, and moderate soil temperature.  Also, a recent US Forest Service study showed Forest Floor Mulch® as the most fire safe option relative to all other ground covers particularly "chip and grind" un-composted mulch. 

Only clean green material is used for our products.  Aguinaga Green DOES NOT use curbside waste, food waste, or biosolids.  Careful monitoring of all feedstock, grinding, composting, screening, and blending produces consistent quality products, with unsurpassed results.  For more details see "Our Composting Process" page.