The polyphagous shot hole borer is a type of beetle insect that has attacked hundreds of tree species in Southern California and carries with it fungal spores that can attack and even kill many trees.

UC Riverside has forwarded correspondence to the city suggesting that there be very stringent control over mulch suppliers to assure the material received confirms to credible specifications. 

UC Irvine is also proactively seeking guidance from us in maintaining the integrity of materials that could be or would be delivered to the campus. 

Aguinaga Green, Inc, is a member of the United States Compost Council and is active with the University of Riverside and others in various ongoing testing. In order to assure that seeds, pathogens, and E coli are eliminated from processed green landscape material, it is necessary to attain a temperature in the composting process of 135 degrees F. for a specified time. 

If you have questions regarding material you may have received from others, feel free to call us or drop by one of our sites.