Is our Forest Floor Mulch® "organic"? 

Yes.  Our Forest Floor Mulch® mulch is all natural, composted from tree trimmings, and no chemicals are added.  

What do you recommend for vegetable gardens?

We recommend our coco-coir container mix for raised vegetable gardens. 

What is the difference between mulch and compost? 

Mulch is spread over the soil to cover it.  Compost is mixed/tilled into soil.    

Do you deliver?

Yes! Call or email us for a delivery quote.  1-877-OC-MULCH or info@aguinagagreen.com

We do require a minimum order of five cubic yards for delivery.  Split the load with a neighbor, or you can pick up the material at one of our three locations.  Don't have a truck?  You can rent one at your local home improvement store for a small fee. 

How do you sell your products?

All of our products are sold by the cubic yard.  We can deliver or you can pick up material and we will load it into your truck.  We also offer bagged material.   

Do you have bagged material?

Yes, we offer our materials in 1.5 cubic foot bags.  We need two days advanced notice to fill the bags.  The 1.5 cubic foot bags are available at our Irvine and Orange sites.  Call or email for pricing.  We can not deliver the 1.5 cubic foot bags. 

How much does one cubic yard of mulch cover? 

One cubic yard of mulch covers 100 square feet at three inches deep.  

Why do I need mulch?

Our Forest Floor Mulch® is fully composted and reduces surface evaporation from the soil, discourages weeds, improves soil structure, improves water penetration, and moderates soil temperature.  Also, it looks nice! 

When do I apply mulch?

Any time during the year. Mulch is important for soil erosion during the rainy season and also imperative during hot summer months to moderate soil temperature.  

Can I drop off tree trimmings?

Yes, all three of our sites can accommodate CLEAN tree trimming drop off.  

Do you make custom mixes?

Yes! Call or email us with your request.